The geographical area of Cedar Hill falls within the jurisdiction of the Northern District of Texas bankruptcy court, Dallas division. Because of the nature of venue in federal bankruptcy court, the biggest impact comes when a creditor determines that they would object to improper venue if a bankruptcy were to be filed in the wrong district or venue. Other considerations such things as where venue is proper with regards to exemptions in bankruptcy. This one is much more important than the consideration of whether a particular creditor wants to object to venue due to inconvenience. The key is that wherever the debtor has been living for the greater part of the last 6 months is where venue is proper. Additionally, venue can be determined to be proper where their largest asset is located.

Then there is another consideration when it comes to state exemptions. The state exemptions are determined by a 2 year period of time with regards to assets such as a home which can be exempted in a bankruptcy. In order to prevent a debtor from moving to a jurisdiction with a more friendly exemption with regards to a home, a debtor might be tempted to move based on where they will be able to exempt a larger amount of equity in a home.

For example, they could move from the state of California where the exemption for a home is limited to a state like Texas or Florida where the exemptions for a home are virtually unlimited in their scope with state exemptions. For this reason, a person would have to live in the state of Texas for a full 2 years before they would be entitled to file under the Texas state exemptions. These are the types of cases which may go unopposed, but if a creditor wished to look more closely into this, they could end up finding out that a home was filed as being exempt but which really was not exempt. This is not the type of risk that our law firm would ever subject our clients to undertake. It simply is not worth the risk, and hence it would make more sense to simply wait to file until the time came when the home was exempt, or to consider other non-bankruptcy options.

Filing with a bankruptcy attorney in Cedar Hill is something that is much more common than many people realize. The large majority of people who are filing bankruptcy are unaware of other people who have already filed or who may need to file in the future. It is one of those scenarios where there are many people who are all struggling with the same issue and which do not speak about it because of the sensitive nature of the subject and because people are embarrassed to speak about their money troubles. This tends to lead people to be put under immense pressure and can lead them to take drastic measures and even put themselves into extremely compromising situations. Bankruptcy can relieve some of these pressures in a big way.