Dallas Levy & Garnishment Tax AttorneyIf your bank account has been frozen, it is probably because a creditor sued you for a debt in court and won because you owed the debt (or because you did not show up in court). A frozen bank account means that you cannot touch your money, none of your checks will clear, and the bank will tag you with all of the overdraft charges for pending checks. Your account is suspended, and everything related to it freezes. If this happens to you, speak at once with a Dallas levy and garnishment tax attorney Richard Weaver.

How Are Accounts Frozen?

Creditors must obtain a judgment against you before they can freeze your bank account. After a creditor obtains the judgment, that creditor can request that your bank account be garnished until the amount of the judgment is received. Federal or state authorities can also freeze your bank accounts for unpaid obligations such as taxes or child support.

Object to the Judgment

You should receive a notice regarding the judgment. That notice explains your rights. One of your rights is your right to dispute the judgment. You’ll be given a deadline. Challenging the judgment requires you to filing papers telling the judge why you believe the judgment is correct. If it is, your options will be limited. When you receive a notice that your bank account will be frozen, contact an experienced Dallas levy and garnishment tax attorney to reverse it if possible and fight on your behalf. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call Richard Weaver at (817) 422-5929 or (214) 960-4125.

Your lawyer can have funds released under state law by filing papers with the court that identify the specific exemption you’re claiming and identify the funds that meet the requirements for that exemption. Your Dallas levy and garnishment tax attorney may then request a hearing to ask the court to release the funds you are claiming as exempt. Usually, these exemptions include but are not limited to wages, child support, retirement funds, and Social Security. It’s a complicated legal situation that requires an attorney’s help. If your bank account is frozen, or if you are notified that it will be, contact Richard Weaver as quickly as possible.