Dallas Bankruptcy AttorneyThe bankruptcy laws in Texas can be somewhat perplexing to understand. It can be impossible to decide if you need to file a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7, as both have different benefits. When you are coming out of a financial situation that has forced you to file bankruptcy, the last thing you want is to make mistakes when trying to secure your financial future and to get back on track.

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Richard Weaver is a trusted law office for bankruptcy representation in Texas for handling consumer and small business owner bankruptcy cases. Dallas bankruptcy attorney, Richard Weaver has been practicing bankruptcy law for decades. His firm shows compassion and has led the way for helping thousands of clients, just like you, regain some solid financial footing.

If you think that bankruptcy may be your best option and you reside in the Dallas area, call Richard Weaver for a free bankruptcy legal consultation. Let the people who know bankruptcy find out about your financial situation and discuss the options that are available.

Bankruptcy is a solution that in some cases can offer a breath of fresh air for people who are struggling with debt they cannot pay. We have often been told by clients that bankruptcy is that fresh beginning that they seek. And once a person has reviewed their situation with the attorney and undertaken steps to file and receives bankruptcy protection, they can picture a life where they no longer constantly receive creditors’ collection phone calls. They can avoid wage garnishment through bankruptcy which is immediately prohibited under the bankruptcy laws. As a prospective client, you can consider the thought of gaining protection from foreclosure on your home by your lender. This comes about in most cases through the use of a chapter 13 mechanism. In such situations, the homeowner is afforded the chance to catch back up with past due mortgage payments. In the case of a ch. 13 situation co-signers can receive co-debtor stay from creditors while in the bankruptcy and hence are provided relief while you bring the debts current. In other cases, if the debt itself is not specifically discharged in the bankruptcy, the chapter 13 can offer the ability of receiving an extension on debts that were not dischargeable in bankruptcy. This happens in some cases as the client uses a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stretch payments out over the duration of the case.

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