If your debts are starting to mount and overwhelm you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and if you don’t believe that you’ll ever be able to pay those debts, schedule an appointment right now to discuss your legal and financial options with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy lawyer. The bankruptcy option is solely for those who are in debt and who need a fresh financial start. Sadly, thousands of people become familiar faces at the bankruptcy court, filing over and over for bankruptcy with no intention of completing the process and meeting their obligations. When people are only trying to escape paying their debts, they unfairly take advantage of the bankruptcy process.

Over a period of twenty years in Utah, about one in five persons filing for bankruptcy was abusing the system, according to a study conducted by the American Bankruptcy Institute. Even though they never followed through with their bankruptcies, those people still had the benefit of the automatic stay that halts foreclosures and wage garnishments. The study also determined that four out of five people filing for bankruptcy are not abusing the process. Most people who file for bankruptcy simply need some help with their debt troubles. They complete the procedure faithfully, “learn their lesson,” and don’t have to file for bankruptcy a second time. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can always help that kind of person. If you’ve had a previous bankruptcy, talk about it with a good bankruptcy attorney. If you’re not abusing the process, help is available.

Bankruptcy is not appropriate for every person or family in debt, but it is the only realistic option for many. If personal bankruptcy is your best alternative, let an experienced bankruptcy lawyer help you decide what type of bankruptcy to pursue and the precise terms. You’ll have to deal with substantial paperwork and red tape, and any mistake could delay your bankruptcy and the protection it offers. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, don’t wait another day to get help. If you are being buried under a mountain of debt, get help now and consult with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy lawyer as quickly as possible.