His picture is on our money, but before he became the president, Abraham Lincoln wasn’t exactly a financial genius. In 1832, the president-to-be purchased a general store in New Salem, Illinois. When the store went bankrupt, Lincoln’s horse was seized and sold to pay off his creditors. Abraham Lincoln is not alone among presidents who declared bankruptcy. Ulysses Grant had to declare bankruptcy after he was president; a business partner swindled him and left him virtually penniless. Thomas Jefferson declared bankruptcy more than once. William McKinley went bankrupt when he was the Governor of Ohio, but only three years later, he was elected president.

If you need to declare bankruptcy in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you’ll be in esteemed company. If you are struggling with debts that you can’t pay, discuss the bankruptcy option – and the alternatives to bankruptcy – as quickly as possible with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney. If your debts are substantial and growing, bankruptcy may or may not be the best solution for your money woes. Lincoln and Jefferson didn’t let bankruptcy throw them off the path to success. Neither should you.

To come through a bankruptcy successfully and get a fresh financial start, you’ll need the advice and services of an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney. If bankruptcy is not the best option for you, a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer will suggest several practical and effective alternatives. Bankruptcy is a last resort, but in some cases, it will be the only realistic option. You’ll have to complete and file a substantial amount of legal paperwork, and you’ll have to adhere to the bankruptcy rules and follow your attorney’s advice. If you are wrestling with debt right now and the debt is winning, discuss your rights and options at once with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney. Help is here, but you must take the first step and make the call.