You can go through the bankruptcy process in Texas without the assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer, but it’s not a good idea. You could lose a considerable amount – at a time when you’re already in financial dire straits – and your bankruptcy petition could be rejected if you fail to meet any of the requirements for bankruptcy or make any mistakes with the paperwork. If that happens, you will remain subject to repossession, foreclosure, and those disturbing letters and calls from collection agencies. You’ll almost certainly need help from a good bankruptcy attorney before it’s all over, so it’s wise to make that call before you begin. In the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, if you are thinking about bankruptcy, speak at once with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone who’s in deep debt. Your bankruptcy attorney will assess your financial circumstances to determine if bankruptcy is the best option for your personal situation. If it is, a bankruptcy attorney can then help you decide if a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is most appropriate. Your attorney will ensure that you have the full protection the law provides. For example, debtors in Texas can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and keep their home regardless of its value or size. Other exemptions are available as well.

From the moment that the bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay prevents creditors from attempting to collect a debt. Creditors cannot call, write, sue, or repossess. When a creditor violates an automatic stay, an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney will ensure that you are protected and that the law is enforced. Anyone who files for bankruptcy without an experienced bankruptcy attorney may face creditors who’ve hired their own experienced lawyers, so think twice before going it alone. If you’re considering bankruptcy in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, immediately obtain the advice you need by speaking with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney.