Plenty of people living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and across the United States deal with overwhelming debt problems every day. Some put their faith in the lottery. Others foolishly choose crime. The wise action to take if you are struggling to pay debts that are spiraling out of control is to speak at once with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy lawyer about bankruptcy and your other options. You won’t be alone. Millions of us struggle to pay our debts in the United States, and authorities in Russia are now handling a flood of their own bankruptcy filings in that nation since a new law took effect legalizing personal bankruptcy. Hundreds of thousands of Russians became eligible to file for personal bankruptcy under the new law, which went into effect in October.

Prior to October, creditors could pursue and harass Russian citizens night and day. Thankfully in Texas, when you file for personal bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court instantly issues an “automatic stay” that stops the harassing phone calls, letters, and creditor lawsuits too. Bankruptcy has always been a right in the United States, and if you are wrestling with debt in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – and the debt is winning – discuss your legal concerns and alternatives at once with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney.

Russian citizens who declare bankruptcy will not be permitted to run a company for three years, and they may also be ordered to remain in Russia throughout the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcies have already been filed in every region of the vast nation, even in the remotest parts of Siberia. If you are a bit closer to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and if you have questions regarding personal bankruptcy and practical alternatives to bankruptcy, speak as soon as possible to an experienced Dallas bankruptcy lawyer and obtain the sound advice you need to get the fresh financial start you deserve.