If you are sinking into serious debt and you need a fresh financial start, there are several ways to file for bankruptcy, and – no surprise – all of them are exceedingly complicated. It’s quite a challenge to adhere to the many rules and requirements, complete all of the documents, and meet all of the deadlines involved with a bankruptcy. However, your first step if you are filing for bankruptcy in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a prompt consultation with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney.

The first time that you meet with your bankruptcy attorney, you’ll need to disclose fully all of your liabilities and assets. Speaking candidly to a lawyer about your money troubles won’t be easy for some people, but rest assured that a bankruptcy lawyer is there to advise you and to help you resolve your financial issues. Of course, you should only work with a bankruptcy attorney who puts you at ease and makes you comfortable – someone you feel that you can trust.

Liabilities, assets, and income will be the focus of your bankruptcy. After examining your finances, a good bankruptcy attorney can then recommend action that is in your best interests and tell you if you qualify for a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not always the appropriate decision for everyone who’s in debt. If it’s not the best choice for you, your bankruptcy lawyer will recommend practical, effective alternatives.

Talk To A Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

However, bankruptcy will indeed be the only realistic option for many people. If you choose bankruptcy after consulting with an attorney, you’ll then need to decide on the type and specific terms of the bankruptcy. Frankness and honesty with your attorney – from the beginning – will ensure that your bankruptcy proceeds as smoothly as possible. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, if you face mounting debts that you simply cannot pay, don’t wait until tomorrow. Instead, call an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney today.