In the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, you have several viable options if you’ve missed some mortgage payments. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one option. Chapter 13 isn’t right for everyone who’s missed several payments, but it defends you against an immediate foreclosure. If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments, let an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney evaluate your circumstances immediately and discuss with you the Chapter 13 bankruptcy procedure and your other options. If foreclosure is imminent, make the call now.

If you choose to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the mortgage payments that you’ve missed are added into your Chapter 13 debt payment plan. The foreclosure procedure automatically ceases and your mortgage becomes current again when the bankruptcy plan is approved. Under Chapter 13, you’ll have a payment plan that gives you three to five years to make those missed mortgage payments. You’ll have to complete the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process successfully, and you’ll then be done with the futile feeling of constantly trying to catch up with current mortgage payments.

Chapter 13 isn’t right for every homeowner who’s in debt. For some homeowners, a loan modification is a better long-term solution, but Chapter 13 is faster and prevents foreclosure without extending the duration of the loan. You make back payments over three to five years through the Chapter 13 plan while staying on top of your current mortgage payments. It’s an arrangement that’s helped thousands of families through temporary financial troubles.

Speaking honestly about your mortgage and other money problems can be quite difficult for many people. If you’re one of those people, you’ll want a trustworthy bankruptcy lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and reassured. A good bankruptcy lawyer works for you to help you keep your home and solve your financial problems. If you are facing imminent foreclosure in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, discuss your circumstances as quickly as possible with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney. In fact, make the call today.