McKinney Financial Services AttorneyCredit cards are a great convenience, but they can also do a great deal of harm to your finances and credit. If you’re not careful with credit cards, you might end up – like so many people – in bankruptcy court. Credit card debt is a leading reason why people declare bankruptcy, so it’s important to use credit cards properly, maintain good credit, and avoid the bankruptcy process. However, if your credit card debt has piled up faster than you can pay it, the right option for you may indeed be filing for bankruptcy. If your credit score is dropping because you can’t pay your debts, speak at once about debt resolution and personal bankruptcy with experienced McKinney financial services attorney Richard Weaver.


To maintain good credit and avoid bankruptcy, paying your bills on time and regularly checking your credit report for errors are essential. Disciplined spending is also imperative. It’s far too easy to misuse your credit cards and to find yourself in real debt trouble fast. If you’re ecstatic over good news, don’t buy a round for everyone at the bar, and if you’re depressed, don’t go on a credit card shopping binge to comfort yourself. Never use a credit card if you’re drunk, fatigued, sick, or unemployed. And if you’re nearing your credit limit, put the card away. Going over your limit will mean additional fees – and no credit access if there’s an emergency.


Emergencies, of course, can happen to anyone, which means you could suddenly be strapped with debt you never expected. Do not lose hope. Debt problems can be resolved and will not last forever. The bankruptcy laws are designed to help you get a fresh financial start, and en experienced Texas debt attorney can offer you the bankruptcy help you may need. If you are fighting with debt in McKinney or anywhere in Texas – and the debt is defeating you – call (469) 215-2300 as quickly as possible to speak with experienced McKinney financial services attorney Richard Weaver. Our debt attorneys represent Texas consumers who struggle with debt, and we help them find solutions. Let us help you.