If you are sinking beneath mounting debts in the Dallas-Fort Wirth area, and you see no way to ever pay those debts, discuss your rights and options – which may include filing for bankruptcy – as soon as you can with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is your right – it’s recognized in the United States Constitution, and it’s been part of our country since the start. Jefferson declared bankruptcy, and so did one business partly owned by young Lincoln. In fact, as an Illinois attorney, Lincoln handled scores of bankruptcy filings for his clients. The first bankruptcy laws in the U.S. took our nation a giant step away from Great Britain and its debtors’ prisons as depicted in the novels of Charles Dickens.

Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy. So did Walt Disney. They survived and prospered. In the 21st century, bankruptcy is still used to help individuals, families, and businesses deal with their debts, and it’s used for a number of other reasons, including recovering repossessed property, getting out of leases and contracts, and staying out of jail. Bankruptcy laws expanded right alongside the United States, its population, and its economy. As credit cards became available to the average person, particularly after the Second World War, many experienced problems handling debt, and many still do. Consult at once with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney if you struggle with mounting debt that you won’t be able to pay. A good bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your circumstances and suggest the remedies that are right for you.

Bankruptcy allows you to have a fresh financial start. It’s not just for individuals, families, and small businesses. Large cities and big corporations now use bankruptcy laws to restructure their debts and establish their own new financial start. Just because you’re in debt does not mean that bankruptcy is right for you, but if you’re wrestling with debts and they’re winning, arrange to discuss your financial options with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney as quickly as possible.