Keller Financial Services AttorneyCredit cards can be deceptive. They’re convenient, and it can be easy to lose track of what you’re spending. Many people incrementally and almost imperceptibly slide into credit card debt and then find themselves facing a debt crisis that only the bankruptcy process can resolve. It’s absolutely vital to use credit cards properly to avoid mounting debt and the prospect of bankruptcy.

If you fall behind and accumulate too much credit card debt, filing for bankruptcy with the help of a Texas bankruptcy lawyer may be your best option. If you’re facing staggering credit card debt and considering personal bankruptcy in or near Keller, speak first to experienced Keller financial services attorney Richard Weaver about bankruptcy and the alternatives to bankruptcy. Below are some tips for improving your credit, avoiding too much credit card debt, and staying out of the bankruptcy court.


Don’t use a credit card when you are depressed, fatigued, intoxicated, or out of work. Pay all of your bills on time. Delinquent payments are certain to damage your credit. Keep your balances low, and don’t shift debt around – pay it and be done with it. Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. Check your credit report regularly for mistakes, and report any mistakes back to the credit agency at once. Stay under your credit limit, and don’t open new accounts unless you genuinely need them. Keller financial services attorney Richard Weaver can provide you with more helpful insights and advice.


If you remain well under your credit limit, and if you pay all of your bills on time, you can probably avoid credit card trouble and the need to file for bankruptcy. Of course, if you face an emergency, you may find yourself unexpectedly under massive credit card debt. When your credit cards and other debts are beyond your ability to pay them, it’s time to act. If you are struggling with credit card debt in or near Keller, call (817) 369-5200 as quickly as possible and make an appointment to see experienced Keller bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver. The credit card debt relief and the bankruptcy help you need are right here, but you must take the first step and promptly make the call.