Keller debt relief AttorneyBecoming the target of a creditor lawsuit can very quickly start you thinking about bankruptcy. If you are being sued by a creditor in Texas, you have only twenty days to respond, or a judgment can be entered against you. Do not ignore a creditor lawsuit – it isn’t going away. Instead, discuss the lawsuit and the possibility of bankruptcy with experienced Keller debt relief attorney Richard Weaver. For almost three decades, we have counseled and represented consumers in Keller and across Texas in matters regarding credit, debt, and the bankruptcy process. If you’re about to be sued because of debt, contact us at once.


There may be cases where you have a legitimate defense against a creditor lawsuit. If you have been sued by mistake or for the wrong amount, a debt lawyer can advocate on your behalf and possibly have the lawsuit dismissed. On the other hand, if the lawsuit has you “dead to rights” because you’re struggling with debt, filing for bankruptcy may be your most practical answer to a creditor lawsuit. Everyone’s case is unique, and that’s what makes having the advice of a good Texas debt attorney so important. You’ll obtain the help you need to answer a creditor lawsuit, and if declaring bankruptcy is the best choice, experienced Keller bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver can help.


If you respond to a creditor lawsuit by claiming bankruptcy, the lawsuit – and all other collection efforts and creditor harassment – stops immediately. The bankruptcy court issues an automatic stay when it approves your bankruptcy petition, and that automatic stay gives you legal protection from further creditor action against you. Get the bankruptcy advice and legal help you need – as quickly as possible – if a creditor is suing you in Keller or anywhere else in Texas. Call (817) 369-5200 and schedule a consultation with experienced Keller debt relief attorney Richard Weaver if you are sued by a creditor or if you are struggling with debt and need fast debt relief.