McKinney Bankruptcy AttorneyThe economy has been improving and employment numbers are up, but thousands of families in Texas – including families in McKinney – continue to struggle with massive debt. If your debts are bigger than your ability to pay them, discuss your situation as quickly as possible with experienced McKinney bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver. For those without other options, filing for bankruptcy is the legal and responsible way to get a financial “clean slate” and a fresh financial start. However, declaring bankruptcy is not the best solution for everyone facing a debt crisis. An experienced Texas bankruptcy lawyer can examine your finances and debts and recommend the move that’s best for you and your family.


If your debts are insurmountable, an experienced McKinney bankruptcy attorney can explain your bankruptcy options and the alternatives to bankruptcy. Many people choose a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, for example, because it allows them to pay off debts and in most cases keep their homes and vehicles. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges unsecured debt, but you may lose some property or assets. Let a good Texas bankruptcy lawyer help you decide if Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or an alternative to bankruptcy is right for you.


Bankruptcy is the legitimate, legal way to get a fresh financial start, and not just for individuals and families. Corporations and even major U.S. cities are now using the bankruptcy laws to restructure their debts and establish their own fresh financial starts. After bankruptcy, you’ll have a clean slate financially, although it will take some time and patience to rebuild your credit and to reestablish yourself financially. We can help. If debt has you down so far that you can’t get up, call (469) 215-2300 and make an appointment with experienced McKinney bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver. We’ve advised and represented families struggling with debt in McKinney and throughout Texas for almost thirty years. Let us advise and represent you.