McKinney Debt Relief AttorneyIf you are sued for debt by a creditor in Texas, you must respond to the lawsuit within twenty days, or a Texas court can enter a judgment against you. That’s right. If a creditor sues you, you’ll need to consult as quickly as possible with experienced McKinney debt relief attorney Richard Weaver. In some cases, it might be best to challenge a creditor lawsuit, but depending on your financial condition – and the claims in the lawsuit – filing for bankruptcy could also be your best response. After reviewing the case, an experienced Texas bankruptcy attorney can recommend the option that’s best for you.


Every creditor lawsuit is unique, so it’s vital to have an attorney actually read the lawsuit and the claims it makes against you. If you were sued for the wrong amount – or if you were sued by mistake – your attorney may recommend fighting the lawsuit at trial. In most cases, however, your best response to a creditor lawsuit is declaring bankruptcy. After speaking with a Texas bankruptcy lawyer, you’ll have the tools to make an informed choice, and if your best answer to a creditor lawsuit is the bankruptcy process, Richard Weaver can help.


Do not ignore a creditor lawsuit – it will not go away until you act. If you file for bankruptcy, the lawsuit ceases to exist as soon as your bankruptcy petition is accepted by a Texas bankruptcy court. McKinney debt relief attorney Richard Weaver can provide the bankruptcy advice you need and also make recommendations about life after bankruptcy. If a creditor is suing you, call (469) 215-2300 to get the help you need – and do not forget that you have only twenty days to respond. We can help. Richard Weaver represents consumers struggling with debt in McKinney and throughout the state of Texas.