Irving Financial Services AttorneyCredit cards are the great modern convenience – or the great curse, if you are struggling with credit card debt and considering bankruptcy. In fact, credit card debt is a leading reason why people file for bankruptcy. It’s imperative to use credit cards wisely, but if your credit card debt piles up and becomes more than you can ever hope to pay, speak at once to experienced Irving financial services attorney Richard Weaver. Bankruptcies are for honest, hard-working people who’ve piled up too much debt and need a fresh financial start. Most consumers can avoid debt worries and the need to declare bankruptcy – and can even improve their current credit score – by following just a few simple recommendations.


  • Pay your bills on time. Delinquencies very negatively affect a credit score.
  • Keep credit card balances low. Too much pending debt negatively impacts a credit score.
  • Open new credit accounts only as you need to.
  • Don’t shift your debts around. It does not help.
  • Make sure that you are protected from fraud and identity theft.

Many people make a practice of waiting 24 hours before using a credit card to buy something. With a day to consider, you may decide the purchase really isn’t necessary. Create a budget and do everything you can to stick to it. You’ll also want to examine your credit report routinely for mistakes. Never use a card when you are close to the limit, overly-fatigued, or intoxicated.


If you remain under your limit and make payments on time, you’ll stay out of credit card debt trouble, but there will be circumstances for some where credit card debt is unavoidable, and emergencies can put even the thriftiest person in serious debt. The bankruptcy process may or may not be the answer if credit card debts can’t be paid, but first, you should discuss a bankruptcy petition and your other options with experienced Irving financial services attorney Richard Weaver.

Call (214) 612-0003 and speak with a Texas bankruptcy lawyer to learn how the bankruptcy laws might apply in your own case, how to deal with life after bankruptcy, and how alternatives to bankruptcy might also help you resolve credit card debt. If your credit card debts are still mounting, make the call promptly.