Irving Bankruptcy AttorneyThere’s no law about who can file for bankruptcy or when. If your debts have exceeded your ability to pay them, or if you are facing a home foreclosure or a vehicle repossession, and you have no way to make sufficient payments, experienced Irving bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver can help. A Texas bankruptcy lawyer will evaluate your current financial situation and obligations before recommending any precise solution. In some cases, bankruptcy may be your sole practical option. For others struggling with debt, several alternatives to bankruptcy may be less costly and just as effective. When you seek bankruptcy help from Richard Weaver, he will be able to provide the bankruptcy information you need.


Not only is there life after bankruptcy, but if you avoid debt in the future, you can repair your credit and enjoy the fresh financial start that bankruptcy offers. After the bankruptcy process is complete, consider obtaining a secured credit card from your bank, or take out a small loan with a co-signer. Using a secured credit card and paying back a small loan quickly can help you reestablish good credit. Of course, you’ll need to pay all of your bills on time, avoid impulse spending, and follow a realistic budget. Financial counseling is required as part of the bankruptcy process, and your own bankruptcy lawyer can offer important insights and bankruptcy advice.


We can help you reestablish your credit and finances. Richard Weaver provides quality legal services including bankruptcy help to those who are struggling with debt in Irving and throughout the state of Texas. We can explain bankruptcy law and the alternatives to bankruptcy. If you need to declare bankruptcy or if you simply need to learn more, call (214) 612-0003 right away to set up a consultation with experienced Irving bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver.