Irving Credit Card Debt Relief AttorneyIf you owe more on your credit cards than you can pay, you may be desperately looking for answers. Use caution. If you’ve seen credit counseling and debt consolidation services advertised, you should know these companies do not offer legal advice and are not law firms, so they have little ability to help most consumers get any effective debt relief. You could even lose money if you’re not careful.

Irving credit card debt relief attorney Richard Weaver can help you achieve realistic credit card debt relief using routine and proven effective legal measures which may include filing for bankruptcy. The high interest rates attached to credit cards make it easy to pile up too much debt too fast. If you’ve accumulated more credit card debt than you can pay, you must get the right help right away, and you must consider the possibility of declaring personal bankruptcy.


Credit card debt can almost always be discharged through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you do not qualify for Chapter 7, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy consolidates your debts into a workable payment plan. For many in Texas, direct debt settlement negotiation with credit card companies will be a better alternative, and you’ll avoid bankruptcy. Texas debt lawyer Richard Weaver can help you determine if declaring bankruptcy, direct debt settlement negotiation, or some other option is in your own best long-term interests. Whatever choice you make, an experienced Irving credit card debt relief attorney can offer help and address your concerns throughout the process.


Debt attorney Richard Weaver will personally conduct your debt negotiations or direct you through the bankruptcy process. We can work and negotiate with all parties involved to reduce your credit card debt and help you regain financial health. The solution to credit card debt begins by promptly calling Richard Weaver at (214) 612-0003 to schedule a consultation. We represent consumers in Irving and throughout Texas.