Garland Financial Services AttorneyCredit cards are good for some of us and not so good for others. Many people slowly slide into overwhelming credit card debt, and it’s a leading cause of bankruptcies in the United States. It’s imperative to use credit cards properly to avoid ever-mounting debt and the possibility of bankruptcy. If you do fall behind and begin struggling with debt, declaring bankruptcy may or may not be in your best interests. If you’re facing mounting debts and considering personal bankruptcy in the Garland area, speak first with experienced Garland financial services attorney Richard Weaver.


Do not pull out the credit cards when your rational thinking processes aren’t their sharpest – that is, when you’re depressed, fatigued, or intoxicated.  For some of us, it’s a good idea to wait 24 hours before making any credit card purchase. Often, you’ll be glad you waited. Here are eight more recommendations for using credit cards properly and improving your credit score:

  1. Check your credit report routinely for errors.
  2. Pay your bills on time. Delinquent payments negatively impact a credit score.
  3. Keep balances low. High outstanding debt can lower your credit score.
  4. Apply for and open new credit accounts only as needed.
  5. Pay off debt rather than moving it around.
  6. Protect your credit information from fraud and identity theft.
  7. Minimize outstanding debt.
  8. Avoid overextending yourself.


Sometimes, credit card debt can’t be helped. Unless you’re a millionaire, emergencies and unexpected expenditures can cause almost anyone to be overextended. Filing for bankruptcy may or may not be the best solution if your debts are overwhelming you, but in the Garland area, you should discuss your options with experienced Garland financial services attorney Richard Weaver.

We can answer your bankruptcy questions, discuss alternatives to bankruptcy, or help you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Start improving your financial situation now by calling Richard Weaver at (972) 616-4444. Rest assured – there is life after bankruptcy. If your debts are mounting, don’t wait to make the call. We work on behalf of consumers in Garland and throughout the state of Texas.