Garland Foreclosure AttorneyIf you fall behind on mortgage payments, you’ll probably face the foreclosure process, but you will also have chance to fight foreclosure in court, and you’ll have the time to develop an effective legal strategy. There is hope for homeowners, and you can stop foreclosures in several ways. If you’re trying to avoid foreclosure in or near Garland, get the legal help you’re going to need. Contact experienced Garland foreclosure attorney Richard Weaver immediately if your home is at risk of foreclosure. Developing the smartest foreclosure defense means evaluating your finances and reassessing the terms of your home loan. Let an experienced Texas foreclosure attorney recommend the strategy that’s best for you and your family.


Bankruptcy is one way that homeowners can stop foreclosure. An automatic stay is issued when a bankruptcy is filed, and it prevents mortgage lenders from continuing to act against you. Other options for stopping foreclosure include a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. In a short sale, the homeowner sells the home for an amount less than the remaining debt amount on the mortgage, the lender agrees, and the lender releases the property lien. If you can’t sell the home, a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure is another option; the homeowner transfers the title to the lender and is released from the mortgage. Another possibility is negotiating a loan modification. With an experienced Texas foreclosure attorney’s help, you may be able to restructure your mortgage to avoid foreclosure. Before you take any other action or make any response to prevent foreclosure, discuss your options with experienced foreclosure attorney Richard Weaver.


For many homeowners, and especially those with families, foreclosure or merely the threat of foreclosure can be almost traumatic. Don’t act impulsively or emotionally. Help for homeowners is right here. If you receive a foreclosure notice, call Richard Weaver promptly at (972) 616-4444 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Garland foreclosure attorney. Richard Weaver represents homeowners in Garland and across the state of Texas.